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Issue 6 of our Limited Edition Fixed Term Deposit launches 16th March 2015

Permanent Bank International is delighted to announce the launch of two new Limited Edition Fixed Term Deposit Accounts for 15 and 18 months paying 1.60% Gross (1.60% AER) and 1.70% Gross (1.69% AER) respectively....read more


How does my 35 or 90 day notice account work?

We currently offer two types of notice account depending on how quickly you need to access your funds, 35 days or 90 days....read more


35 Day Notice Account

Our Notice Accounts will give you the access you need without sacrificing a decent return.

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Sterling 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit

Whether Personal, Corporate or Trust - all our clients can expect the same competitive interest rates and service levels.

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Fixed Term Deposits

Available in £ or €

Up to


1.40% AER

For deposits of £20,000+

90 Day Notice Account

Available in £

Up to


1.35% AER

For deposits of £25,000+