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Short Term Fixed

Key Features

  • Available to personal, corporate and trustee depositors. Non-personal Customers should contact PBI Client Relations Executives for product rate quotes.
  • A fixed rate of interest
  • Matures on a specific date
  • Rolls over automatically at maturity
  • Enables you to forecast your income with certainty
  • Interest paid at maturity

Terms & Conditions

  • The interest rate is determined at the outset of the deposit and fixed until the maturity date.
  • In the absence of alternative instructions, all Short Term Fixed Deposit Accounts will roll over automatically, at maturity, for another term of the same duration and at the interest rate applicable at that time. This assumes that a similar term is available at maturity. If not, the deposit will be rolled over to the nearest similar term available. The amount rolled over will be the full balance, including interest. The full terms and conditions of Short Term Fixed Deposit Accounts will apply immediately to rolled over deposits.
  • Additional deposits of any amount can be made at maturity or at other times by opening another account – please call us to discuss.
  • Minimum deposit per Short Term Fixed Deposit Account is 20,000 (£ or €) and the maximum is 3 million (£ or €), or as otherwise agreed. For deposits of 1 million or greater (£ or €), the interest rate must be agreed with us before the funds are placed.
  • No transactions are permitted before the maturity date.
  • Interest is paid at maturity.
Short Term Fixed Deposit
Products No Longer Available
   GBP £   
    EUR €   
Effective DateGross % p.a.AERGross % p.a.AER
3 Month Fixed Deposit31/07/2017100,000 +
50,000 +
0 +
6 Month Fixed Deposit31/07/2017100,000 +
50,000 +
0 +
9 Month Fixed Deposit31/07/2017100,000 +
50,000 +
0 +