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Product Information

Fixed Term Deposits

Available in £ or €

Up to


0.90% AER

For deposits of £100,000+

90 Day Notice Account

Available in £

Up to


0.90% AER

For deposits of £25,000+

Limited Edition Fixed Term Deposits

If you’re happy to commit your money for the longer term we’ll reward you with our top rates. After all, you’re placing your trust in us so it’s only fair that we reward you with a top class return.

From time to time we will issue Limited Edition Fixed Term deposits which may have a limited window to apply in, offer enhanced rates or be fixed for an different time period to our usual product range.

These products are ideal as part of your longer term financial plans where you are comfortable to commit money for 1 to 5 year terms.

Key Features

  • Available to personal, corporate and trustee depositors. Non-personal Customers should contact PBI Client Relations Executives for product rate quotes.
  • Only available for a limited time period
  • A fixed rate of interest
  • Matures on a specific date
  • We’ll remind you when your deposit is due to mature
  • Enables you to forecast your income with certainty
  • Interest paid at maturity

We don't have any Limited Edition Fixed Term Deposit Accounts available at this moment, please check this page of our website regularly for updates.

Our general Fixed Term Deposit account range can be found here.